Elusive Artifacts


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released October 1, 2015

Scott Gayer -

Seth Dines -
• Bass
•Sound Effects

Brian Rosier -

Trey Harper -
•Sound Effects
•Mastering less

Doug Bonebrake
• Mixing




Newborn Civilians Wichita, Kansas

Civilians :

Scott Gayer -

Seth Dines -
• Bass
•Sound Effects

Brian Rosier -

Trey Harper -
•Sound Effects

Doug Bonebrake -
... more

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Track Name: Elusive Artifacts
Looking at your life in reverse
It takes some time to do it
To set down those trophies
And things you held so high
It’s odd how they can’t be recognized anymore
Now that nothing quite compares
To where you are

All my little worlds
They collide in my face
This deconstructed headroom
It’s so stifling
Now in the heat of the day
You can’t but help but dream
Of space and a time
Where things won’t fade away

These fabricated walls you built
So beautiful and strong
You can rest assured that they will fall
And soon burn on their own

Artifacts in time
These airtight seals we make
For the preservation of our pride
And we will and we pull and we punch and we kick for our fame
We’re preservationists caught inside a losing game

Standing at the edge of dying to my things
It never felt so right to me
Signals all over my body they’re telling me that things aren’t right here
Things can’t stay the same
Until we get rid of all that’s dear
Track Name: Present Tense
Fall into line now shut your mouth and do what you what you’re told.
You must profess to move and fit the standard role
Assign the part and say the lines, now you’re an original.
Take note and look around so as to not upset
The balance of worth now hangs by just a few threads
Things could get tense if you expose yourself and your message.

It takes one man to move the thoughts of many minds
And just in a flash your head, yeah it could also roll
Patterns, mazes and lies they never stop or let go
Depraved and weak, we push these onto the side
As we exchange our trust to put upon ourselves
You must now see how far that brought us to destruction

Lies on the tip of your tongue, mother’s can’t feed their young, it just keeps begging the problem
The lines get drawn in the sand, division regins in the land, how could we ignore it
To justify that we’re so good it just blows my mind that we could reach such illogical conclusions
So what does it take to see that no word or deed could ever make you right apart from surrender.

The call, it ‘s a must “stand” don’t forget, we were bought with a price .
The weight of our debts, “stopped,” Free and clear.
They will never return again
Fight for the dead, “speak,” They are blind and may never taste the next life.

Pressure it stops and goes but in the end we win
Let’s not regret the battles that we thought we’re lost
This is no test but now the trial begins to show itself
We will_need all_the help_we can get no matter how many the plans we’ve laid ahead for ourselves
The measure you give is what you get and that will never disappear.
Track Name: Data Delusions
There’s no telling how far our human race could run,
we always seem to be so undone
All the zeros and ones they just keep piling up no matter how much we try to not succumb.

It’s a shattered existence when we’re connected so deep amidst the wires and virtual lands.
One day we might wake up and realize we’ve lost touch with who we are and could have been

Red, green and blue in our eyes. We’re not so sure if we’re alive. Whatever happened between us, we’re not aware.
Disintegration of our self worth. We’ve placed it inside of a box. And then we let it just fester, until it’s gone for sure.

Unimaginable success—at the place we’ve set our reality always seems to improve.
Codes and the cryptic nature of all that we’ve got, makes us feel so falsely secure.

Blurred resolution creeps in. We’re bound to be dissatisfied.
And we can’t buy away the problems, they’re much too big
All our time that could have been spent on finding what makes us tick.
We’ve got a digital delusion that must be fixed.
Track Name: Extra Machines
There’s always someone who wins and
then there’s many who lose I’m afraid
These are the signs of our times that just keep on steady and true
Under this pressing weight can we keep up our needs for long?
Is it the wants we can’t lose so that we’re happy to not have to choose?

The pressure to exploit keeps drives our company line.
Left with no choice but to extract every last bead of sweat
It’s such a happy existence at a million miles away
At the touch of a button you can access a mass of capital dismay

With a smile on our face and a skip in our step we’re content
There’s no reason to fret all the blood on our children’s heads.
Generations in ignorance insulated by digital walls
Where apathy reigns it’s our hearts in need of help for sure.

We must never forget all the havoc heaped high on the helpless
Will you choose to forget or enlarge the scope of your mind?
Inside of injustice are desires to make things right
Unneccessary evils can’t stand a chance when brought under the light
Track Name: Frames of Mind
The haze of delusion descends. Your mind becomes a foggy mess all over again. Like you’re stricken dead.
An apparition appears. Seduction and mystery floods your mind and you can’t relent. And you dive in headfirst.
The bells and whistles right there. Ready for you to taste and see what you think you need. Come on and take a ride.
You always can’t resist. The pull still persists. Why can’t you just seem to let go? Search your inner soul.

Push and pull and don’t look back now that your second thoughts will soon attack and keep you bound inside
Resistance comes with your first step and then you’ll see the path at hand and everything ahead instead.

You won’t regret this test
Take this willing hand. Help is on the way. For you.

Mesmerized at the thought of a great escape. Nobody cares when it ‘s just you in your altered state. But someone suffers the damage.
Bending the rules as if we’re something special. It’s funny how we justify personal destruction, as if we know what’s best.
And then once we’re clear. And see things from afar. We can’t help but see better images, for how we could have won.

The twists and turns are coming fast so set yourself on that things that last and won’t self destruct again.
Resolutions seem so right until they fail underneath the weight of pride.

When pleasures fades again.
And you’re left with just regret.
Please do not forget where you stand.

Cloudy judgment rectifies itself in time.
Silver platters come and go like the wind.
Search yourself to know where convictions lie.
You’ll find the answers written all along right there.
All your life it could be spent on touch and go
So lift your face and know that there is so much more
True pleasures promised beyond this life instead we know.
Seasons come and go but in the end they will fade.
The testing of the truth will never dissapoint the few
The end in sight will come bearing so much more

Conscious acts of harm will face
The consequences planned for ages that can never be erased
So If you stand on promised freedom your
subconscious will become all the more secure

The frames of mind we have. Are products of good and bad. So let us not forget. Where we fell from.
Track Name: Kicking Fiction
You always know what we need. Because we’re lost. Without a home.
Outside of our little worlds, lies so much, unknown
Light bursting forth, in a moment, All from you
If we could stand at the edge, of the sun, It couldn’t compare to you.

We always forget ourselves always first never last.
We never think of the rest, we must , we must , we must, we must
Putting first things first, loosing trends that will bend
We are so apt to forget what made us, please help us.

From the first to the last you have shown yourself true,
in all we see and do.
No excuses for the existence of you, we can’t doubt,
your providence and will

The call goes forth on the earth. To see who might respond.
Perishing folly to some, and a gift as well
Unusable bodies in the midst of our eyes we’ll never know
How could we ever decide who will stand or fall.